Filtering the internet in a way that works for you! Along with the pre-loaded VBender software, we give you full control over the internet access for home and business.


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Home Solution

Technologies, such as computers and the internet, have become enmeshed in young people's lives. Among adolescents, the communication applications of the internet such as instant message, blogs, and social networking sites e.g. Facebook are especially popular. It is becoming evident that the internet presents risks as well as opportunities to adolescent development.

Business Solution

The internet is an essential and valuable tool for many successful businesses in the 21st century. In addition to keeping a vast amount of information at a person’s fingertips, the internet provides an efficient means of communication, research, marketing and collaboration.

How does it work?

The VBender unit works as a "middle man" between your existing internet modem/router and connected devices. VBender does not provide internet connectivity. Any devices connected to the VBender unit will be protected according to the dashboard settings. Your dashboard can be accessed online or via the mobile app.

Complete with dashboard access for full control

Remote access to your dashboard online from your desktop, tablet or mobile. Simply log in.

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What is VBender?
Think of V-Bender as a gateway
Will it affect my internet speed?
No - will in fact increase speed from unwanted content by not allowing the dark internet - unknown files to be loaded that you are unaware of.
When and where can I access the dashboard?
The Dashboard can be accessed and configured anywhere at any time, using the app to access the dashboard from any mobile device.
Can I block content for only certain devices?
Yes, different devices can have different rules - each device can be controlled.
Can I order VBender online?
Yes, Simply fill in the application form for immediate take up.
Can it block/filter file sharing & dowloading?
Yes, VBender can block P2P traffic.
Can I monitor who sees what?
Yes, you can remotely monitor what user sees what URL on the dashboard.
Do I get alerted when someone is trying to access a blocked site?
How do I update my VBender?
As new features are released, the updates are automatic, simply plug it in and forget about it.
Can I set scheduled times for access?
Yes, you can easily set scheduled times for access ie. Facebook at lunchtimes only.
Will this work for my smart TV too?
Yes, VBender protects anything linked to a specific network. Even prevent ransomware attacks on Smart TV's.