Online Safety - Home Solution


Is there an easy way to protect your family online?

Technology has become a big part of how we spend our everyday lives making online safety more necessary that it has ever been. Even the way we communicate as families is dependent on technology, social media and the internet in general. It is evident that there are many risks involved and online safety is more important than it has ever been.

The Facts


Introducing VBender

The VBender unit works as a "middle man" between your existing internet modem/router and connected devices. VBender does not provide internet connectivity. Any devices connected to the VBender unit will be protected according to the dashboard settings. Your dashboard can be accessed online or via the mobile app.


Different device... different rules.

With VBender each device is setup with its own set of rules meaning internet access to mom and dad can be set up differently to the kids'.



Features & Benefits

  • Block specific websites or apps
  • Block ads on mobile devices as well as any other unwanted content
  • Block updates and downloads
  • Select specific filters for sites like Youtube or Google to block harmful content
  • Protect your Wi-Fi even if your password has been compromised
  • Restrict access for some users or give special permissions for others.
  • An easy to use dashboard that allows seamless control from supported devices
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