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Easily manage data usage with VBender

The Internet is an essential and valuable tool for many successful businesses. In addition to keeping a vast amount of information at a person’s fingertips, the Internet provides an efficient means of communication, research, marketing and collaboration. Although the Internet can enhance the work environment, it also has negative aspects. Internet misuse has infiltrated offices, opening the door to lost productivity, liability and creation of a hostile work environment.

The Facts


How does it work?

The VBender unit works as a "middle man" between your existing internet modem/router and connected devices. VBender does not provide internet connectivity. Any devices connected to the VBender unit will be protected according to the dashboard settings. Your dashboard can be accessed online or via the mobile app.


Hello VBender... Goodbye Policies!

Having an internet usage policy in the business is essential, but enforcing these policies is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. VBender allows your company to enforce these policies, we can even go as far as saying that once VBender is part of your business, policies will be a thing of the past



Features & Benefits

  • Block specific websites or apps
  • Block ads on mobile devices as well as any other unwanted content
  • Block updates and downloads
  • Protect your Wi-Fi even if your password has been compromised
  • Identify the data hoggers
  • Restrict access for some users or give special permissions for others.
  • An easy to use dashboard that allows seamless control from supported devices
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