Cyber Bullying Dangers
24th August 2017

Internet Addiction and How Internet Filters Can Help

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Children and teens are increasingly becoming addicted to the internet, with an average of 5 hours and 38 minutes spent online everyday in teenagers and an average of 44.5 hours a week of screen time, it is becoming worrying.

Vbender allows you to control internet access and usage times – even allowing usage times of certain websites during certain times of the day. For example, allow your children internet access purely for their homework and research purposes and allow social media access during lunch time for a break. 

Internet addiction is a real problem happening in the world today.Signs include moodiness when away from the internet or when their session is disrupted, preferring to stay on the internet than go out with friends or hobbies they had before, sacrificing sleep and other important duties such as homework to browse the internet, etc. Read more signs here.


Internet addiction is not just overuse of social media, but constant use of instant messaging, blogging, downloading, online gaming, etc.

  • Nearly half of teens admit to taking action to hide their online behavior from parents.
  • 46% of teens have cleared their search history and/or cookies on their browser.
  • 1 in 5 teens have used a private browsing feature so their parents can’t see the sites they’ve visited.

Set internet filters with Vbender today and ensure  peace of mind for you and safety your family.

Statistics and facts from Cox. (2014) “Cox 2014 Internet Safety Survey.” The Futures Company.

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