Internet Online Safety Story
23rd August 2017
Online Safety Tips and Facts – Infographic
24th August 2017

Internet Safety and Statistics.

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With technology on the constant increase, it becomes difficult to catch up with all the latest updates, gadgets and tools. More and more youth are exposed to how to use technology and often enough, a four year old can operate a new device better than some people of the older generation. The younger generations seem to figure out everything about new devices before their parents can. Just turning YouTube restrictive mode on is easy to find and turn off again.

12% of Internet websites (4.2 million) are pornographic []

With internet and exposure increasing, the age restrictions don’t seem to help much – it is so easy to lie online and websites asking to prove you’re 18 just require you to enter in a date (which is quite easy to work out). Children and teens have admitted to accidentally coming across pornographic media and websites. I know I have – just doing research usually lands you on a page with a sexual advert and if you don’t have plugins like adblock installed, no matter what website you go to, a sexually explicit advertisement pops up.

71% of teens have admitted to hiding what they do online from their parents [this includes clearing browser history, minimizing a browser when in view, deleting inappropriate videos, lying about behavior, using a mobile device instead of a computer. Jamie Le, “The Digital Divide: How the Online Behavior of Teens is Getting Past Parents,” June 2012].

This doesn’t mean that you should prevent children from using technology – just restrict certain sites, adverts, etc that you wouldn’t want them to be exposed to.

With Vbender, that’s possible today. Choose what sites to block, what words and sites to filter and control everything by logging in with our remote dashboard control using your computer, mobile or tablet.

Control what your family has access to and ensure studying and homework is complete by blocking certain devices – remotely. Set schedules for access – like allowing access to social media at lunch time only.

On average, teens spend 5 hours and 38 minutes online every day. [Cox. (2014) “Cox 2014 Internet Safety Survey.” The Futures Company].

With an internet filter, you can control what social media websites your family has access to and you could reduce the chances of your family being affected by cyber bullying.

One million children were harassed, threatend or subjected to other forms of cyberbullying on Facebook during the past year. [Consumer Reports, 2011]

Controlling not only what your children have access to, you can monitor their behaviour and ensure they are not giving any private information away online.

58% of teens don’t think posting photos or other personal info on social networking sites is unsafe. [National teen Internet survey was funded by Cox Communications in partnership with NCMEC and John Walsh and was conducted in March 2007 among 1,070 teens age 13 to 17. The research was conducted online by TRU].

With an internet filter, you can provide an extra layer of safety to your family today. Blocking P2P traffic, it can help ensure protection with downloading and file sharing. Protect even ransomware attacks on your television.

72 percent of Americans believe their accounts are secure with only usernames and passwords, yet every two seconds there is another victim of identity fraud. Your usernames and passwords are not enough to keep your accounts secure. [Stop. Think. Connect .(n.d.) “Lock Down Your Login]. 

We don’t affect your internet speed negatively – it will actually be improved by filtering out junk or dark internet files that are unknowingly loaded on sites.

Choose Vbender today and stress less by protecting your family.


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